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This is a golden opportunity to crowdfund a movement of music & art which digs deep into the hearts and minds of humanity to inspire true growth from within.

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Lifelong Journey 

Growth or the lack thereof is all about consistency.  Likely, however, consistency is not our issue.  It is what we are consistent in which determines whether we grow or digress as we experience life.  Are you moving forward, backward, or perhaps simply stationary? I would argue being stationary is moving backward similar to inflation where in this case, if you are not progressing in knowledge, skills, beneficial experiences, etc, your value in contributing to the collective society, lessens.  

So how are you growing?  I would love to hear it as I am always looking for more ways to not only learn, but integrate into my life more routinely. 


I am dedicated to creating, sharing, hosting, and promoting any and all content which positively benefits the human collective.  I do not create, host, share, or promote divisive content whatsoever.  The only exception is those who are not interested in growing may find the encouragement of growth, emotional intelligence, and deep intellectual reflection discomforting.  In that case, we will move forward to bring out the absolute best in those who desire true growth.